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Educational activities

Department of Food Technology holds conferences, seminars, workshops and other educational and scientific activities within university, faculty and projects scope in the following areas:

  • Conference with international attendance named "Ingr's days" - Food Quality and Safety Conference", originally seminar, now widely known scientific conference, overall took place forty seasons (from 34th Seminar, it was refilled with prefix and renamed to Ingr's Days - ID2008 ) and with added accompanying events;
  • "Farming Cheese and Fermented Milk Products Technology" (organized together with s Department of Animal Breeding; overall took place eleven seasons, last four under project OPVK "Complex education of human resources in dairy");
  • Project OPVK "Complex education of human resources in dairy";  (1.10.2009-30.9.2012), cofinanced by European Social Fund and budget of the Czech Republic, with three other partners - JČU, VÚM a VÚCHS), with sustainability to 2017. 
  • etc.

Department of Food Technology is engaged in state-organized activities as well as from private sector.


Department is active in the following university events:

  • Faculty of Agronomy Open days;
  • Regional Food Product - Food Product of the South Moravia - "Zlatá chuť jižní Moravy" (i.e. Gold Taste of the South Moravia), (seasons 2006 till 2014);
  • etc.